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The Lucky Ecaflip - Chapter 3

Fanfiction title: The Lucky Ecaflip
Family tree
Series: Wakfu
Genre: Fantasy, drama, humor.

The road ahead led to the outskirt of town. It wasn’t much of a long walk but it still took some time to get where we were heading. At least I was in good company. My eyes fell upon the person walking next to me.

I’ve known Rilol all my life and our families have known of each other since a long time back. I know this since dad used to tell me stories.

Apparently, when my grandmother  was traveling, she came across an Osamodas merchant who knew of her adventures. He offered a bet that if she could find the Black Crow and defeat him, he would give her a very special weapon. Being the adventurer she was, she willingly accepted the challenge. Not much later, she had located his hideout and together with the Osamodas, defeated the enemy. Afterwards, the man explained that he was the actual Black Crow but his gear had been stolen not long ago and he’d been unable to track down the villain. He promised to tell his successor of her deed and offer help whenever needed and she were to do the same.

Many years later, grandma gave birth to my father who eventually grew up to marry mom. Laurest and Shumin were traveling home after having visited Bonta to watch the Boufboul tournament.  As they passed through Kelba, they met a married merchant couple; An Osamodas and Ecaflip named Kabrok and Miranda. It appeared that they were to be going as well, as their wagon was filled with different kind of things.

My father was offered to take a look at their stock of weapons. Going through the items, Laurest found sight of a large metal helmet, shaped like a bird beak. Having heard the tale of the Black Crow, he told Kabrok that Kethena was his mother. In return, the Osamodas said that he’d been told of the story by the previous Black Crow. After lots of talking, they headed out to their wifes.

Miranda and my mother were seated on an extended part of their wagon. During that time, both women were pregnant. So of course, the four of them decided to travel together as they were heading in the same direction.  When they finally arrived home at Palmaliv, Kabrok and his wife decided to settle as well. Oh! And if you hadn’t figured it out already, the two expected babies were me and Rilol. We were born only a few months later, me just one week before him.

But if you looked at us, you could almost think Rilol was older than me. He was slightly taller and more muscular even though he was naturally thin. Some features of his almost bony body made you aware of that fact. I looked back at the road. At least I was well developed in my own way. With that thought, I unintentionally popped my chest out further and lifted my head higher. Apparently, Rilol took notice. He looked at me confused.

"What’re you doing?" Taken by surprise, my tail and ears peeked. I probably blushed slightly as well. Had he seen that? I returned my posture in an attempt to look casual.
"Wh-what do you mean? I didn’t do anything." My words stumbled and I tried to appear as if I’d really done nothing of importance. It’s not like I couldn’t tell him anything. Just this time, it was kind of embarrassing. Rilol simply stared at me. Then, his face turned into a wide grin, a bit devilishly. Like he’d come up with an evil masterplan.
"I see.." He said. I raised an eyebrow.
"What’s that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing." He answered, still wearing a smile. I was going to push him further but were ignored by my friends sudden shout out. “Hey, Shutt!” I turned my head.
We had arrived at a farm. To the left was a barn and next to it a house, built almost like a tower. The two buildings were merged together at the bottom making it quite a big facility.

Outside stood a white, male Ecaflip dressed in short, wide pants and sandals. In his hand was a hammer. Other useful tools were fastened in a thick belt around his waist as well. He appeared to be working on the fence surrounding the front of the barn. The man turned to us and smiled, showing his shining teeth.

"Oh, Ronon!" He shouted and stretched. That’s how most people greeted Rilol, as he and his father were the only Osamodas in the village. Everyone knew of the Ronon family, even those who’d never actually met them. His father Kabrok was also addressed this way.
"And Kethena as well." Shutt said and nodded to me. My hand returned the greeting by waving from side to side.

"You finally finished the fence." I said excited and examined it. My tail swinged at a quicker pace than earlier. Shutt laughed merrily.
"I can’t let my poor Dragoturkeys stay in the barn all day now, can I?" He said and twirled his hammer around before putting it back into his belt.
"So you finally got them now?" Rilol asked, curious as he was.
"Sure do!" The man exclaimed happily. "You wanna meet ‘em?" We looked at each other and smirked. Finallly, we got to see real Dragoturkeys!

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The Lucky Ecaflip - Chapter 2

Fanfiction title: The Lucky Ecaflip
Morning tea
Series: Wakfu
Genre: Fantasy, drama, humor, romance.

"Good morning, sweety!" That very tone of voice always made me feel as if I was lifted up towards the sky by gentle hands. Or a soft breeze in mid summer. It was my mother, Chumin. And she was as happy as always. Mom had this radiance that just makes your sorrows float away in the distance whenever you see her. With an awfully contagious smile on top of that. Wearing her usual green dress with a white apron around her hips, I found her standing by the stove with a big spoon in her hand. She looked at me over her shoulder, smiling. It seemed that she was preparing breakfast. My tail waved from side to side out of excitement. Just like mom, mine was long and lively. It’s not like I could help myself, it smelled so good! "Did you sleep well?" I nodded, now wearing a broad smile myself.

"Sure did! What are you making today?" I jumped close and wrapped my arms around moms waist in a hug and snuck my head under her arm to see what was in the boiling pot. All while standing on my toes. She responded by messing about my hair with her free hand. Not as violent as dad but still enough to make me let go, pull back and correct it a bit. I hadn’t been able to see anything anyway since the lid was on.
"Gobbly legs, bread and tea." Mom finally answered. I didn’t have time to reply before I was suddenly interrupted.

"Hey, sleepyhead!" A young, male voice said. I assumed it was for me and turned around. And indeed it was. By the dining table next to my father, sat my best friend Rilol Ronon, a blue skinned Osamodas. All his hair was located on his forehead in one giant bang and on each side of it, two small horns. He was dressed in his usual attire: Shirtless, wide-legged pants and his fathers old sleeves. Not to forget his Osamodas staff, shaped like the head of a crow. Just like my pair of dice, it was a treasure of his.
"I don’t wanna hear that from the guy who sleeps under a tree all day." I responded teasingly and sat down at the table. We’ve known each other since childhood. He’s a real joker and sometimes somewhat of a bitter nut. So of course, I know how to pull his strings. Rilol sulked.
"I like being up during the night! Why doesn’t anyone get that?" He made gestures with his hands and then put them across his bare chest. “It’s hard enough to catch some timber under that tree with all the people around.” Closing his eyes, his face was tilted upwards making him look like a know-it-all.
"You’re such a liar, Rilol." I giggled. He looked so silly pulling that kind of face. "The big willow is outside of Palmaliv, you can’t hear the townspeople from over there." Rilol opened his eyes and became slightly red. He coughed lightly in an attempt to escape the fact that he’d been had. Instead he leaned towards me just as mom introduced the finished food.
"So how’d the gamble go last night?" My head swayed a bit from side to side as I chewed on a Gobbly leg, trying to find room to eat between all the talking. I seemed to be the only one real hungry. Rilol wasn’t having anything, he simply waited for me to answer. I guess he had already eaten with his family before coming here.
"What do you think?" I said as I swallowed a piece of meat. It wasn’t cocky or anything but a rather plain answer. Rilol started to shine.
"Lucky as always, that’s my girl!" He laughed jolly and bumped his closed hand on my arm in a friendly manner. Mom snickered behind me.
"She got that from her grandmother. But her beauty comes from me! Isn’t that right, sweety?" She laid an arm around my neck and winked, trying to win my favor. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure of what to answer her.

"No one’s complained so far." I finally said. Mom made a face of triumph. Then my eyes attention were drawn to the other end of the table. Cause there, I could see dad frowning. He was probably jealous. It wasn’t unusual, mom and dad used to play around like this all the time, like they were fighting over me for fun. I tried my best to hold back a wave of laughter, bubbling up in my belly. Silly parents are the best, wouldn’t you agree?
"What, don’t I count for anything?! It’s always grandma this, grandma that..!" He grumped as he placed his elbow down, chin leaning in the palm of his hand. “She got my strength, you know..” I noticed he’d finished breakfast as he pushed his empty plate away from himself. Mom slowly shook her head while smiling.
"Oh, Laurest." She said and headed over to give him a hug while telling him sweet words to even the odds. Everything after that was just giggling and sweet kisses. Oh well, dad wasn’t grumpy anymore at least. Looking over at Rilol, his eyes were focused on a completely different direction. On our shelf of spice mixes, that is. Nothing interesting at all. I guess he didn’t want to unintentionally bother the other two by looking. He did that every time. My eyes traveled from the shelf, along the wooden walls. Our house was a bit apart from the central ones in the village, quite big as well. Two floors, two bedrooms and a kitchen. And we also had an underground cellar on the back were we could store food. It was fathers grandparents who built it. Now that I think about it, the facility’s made partly from stiff clay as well.

 Taking another chew out of the Gobbly, it seemed as if I was finally going to be able to finish my breakfast in peace. Or so I thought.
"Speaking of strength.. Would you like to spar, Kethena?" Dads fist rose and with a quick movement before it smacked down onto the table so hard, the teacups fell over. Now, the hot liquid was running along the creaks in the wooden table, slowly dripping down onto the floor. Mom was already on it, using a cloth to absorb as much of it as possible. Luckily, I still had my tea to spare as I had just lifted my cup not a moment too late. As I said before, this wasn’t anything unusual. Sparring was always fun, breaking a sweat from using your strength with weapons and such. Maybe not my main thing though. Running went easier, since I found myself to be quite athletic. Like Rilol. We usually run into the forest to test our limits in speed and agility, trying to press through the terrain as fast as we can. Too bad you can’t have both.. Or maybe I can? Taking another sip, I put my cup back onto the table.
"Only if Rilol can join." Upon hearing this, my friend almost panicked. He knew how strong my father was, which made him a bit hesitant. Not that Rilol was weak, on the contrary. He just liked to avoid battles if possible. I on the other hand, was neither scared or reluctant, since I sparred with my dad regularly.
"Wh-! Keth, I don’t know if..!" He was unable to finish talking.
"Of course he can!" The male Ecaflip said with a loud voice while grinning with his whole face. He smacked Rilol on the back. Maybe a bit too hard as he started to cough from the hard impact. Of course, dad ignored it. "I’ll take you on both at once, how about that?" I let out a joyful cheer.
"Sounds great!" I stood up and thanked mom for the food, who smiled back at me. "But before that, me and Rilol promised to visit Shutt and his new Dragoturkeys. Can we do it when we get back?" Dad answered me by nodding. My feet started moving towards the front door but stopped as soon as I noticed the Osamodas wasn’t keeping up. I turned around. He was still sitting down with his mouth wide open, in shock perhaps, staring at the place where I had recently been seated.
"B-but I mean.. I wouldn’t.. We shouldn’t.." He rose a finger, as of trying to prove a point. Of course, he wanted to try and sneak out of it with his normal excuses. But this time, I wasn’t gonna let him. To me, it was too much of an opportunity. I hadn’t seen him fight in a long time.
"Come on, Rilol! Shutt’s waiting for us." And with that, he lowered his hand and became silent for a moment. A heavy sigh was then heard as he put his arm on the back of his chair, turning his head towards me. The look in his yellow eyes was very skeptical.
"Fine, I’ll do it. But you owe me!" He jumped off the chair and excused himself to my parents. Walking somewhat slower than I had done, he appeared by my side as I pushed open the door. “You’re as stubborn as ever, Keth.” I couldn’t help but snicker.

The Lucky Ecaflip - Chapter 1

Fanfiction title: The Lucky Ecaflip
Kethena the Ecaflip’s Coin
Series: Wakfu
Genre: Fantasy, drama, humor.

Loud twitter from a piwi family. This is what woke me from my sleep. Hazy eyes looked up at the roof above me. Sunrays peered in through the window and left traces along the roof. The pattern was alluring. Like staring at the moon reflected on the surface of a lake during night. Anything can create great impression, no matter how small or pointless it may seem. And with that, I remembered. Staring intently at a bright light may cause your eyes to ache. Which it did. Again. Realizing that, I nudged the palm of my hand onto my face as cover while the pain slowly faded. Man, I really was off in the mornings. Slowly, I pushed myself up into a sitting position. It seemed to be a great day outside. Clear skies, warm sun and… twittering piwis. Yeah, they were still at it. I grumbled a bit to myself, annoyed by the sound that’d woke me up.

"Kethena!" A heavy voice removed my possible (if any) remaining drowsiness. The sound almost reminded of a growling boowolf. Placing my feet on the wooden floor, I rested my tired body on the edge of the bed. There was a knock on the door before it opened slowly. "You up?" Heavy footsteps walked into the room. My eyes looked up to meet those of a muscular, broad-shouldered cat with black, short fur. He was at least two heads taller than me. While standing, that is. His ears was hanging down slightly. Seeing him for the first time, you would probably be intimidated by his looks. Especially since the proportions of his face made him look somewhat angry.

"Morning, dad." I yawned loudly. My ears flipped down as thick fingers suddenly went through my hair and messed it up with a quick movement. The usual greeting. He did this every morning. Or rather, whenever he was given the chance to do it. I would’ve taken revenge if it wasn’t for the fact that dad nowadays kept his hair tied up in a spiky ponytail. When I was younger, I used to jank his resemblance of a goatbeard. Maybe.. Nah, that’d just be mean. The second I finished that tempting thought, dad finally removed his hand and smiled down at me.
"Morning, rascal." He chuckled loudly. “Tough night yesterday?” His question created a chill down my spine and I could feel my tail twitch slightly. Did he wake up when I came home last night? Guess so.. I scratched my nose, pondering on an answer.
"Well, I wouldn’t say tough.. Just late." The Ecaflip in front of me placed his hands on his hips and laughed, apparently amused by what I’d said.
"They just can’t keep offa’ya, can they?" My shoulders moved up in a lazy attempt to shrug while laughing awkwardly.
"I guess not.. I’ve gotten used to it though." Dad gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder. It felt comforting in a way. A grateful smile spread across my face. That’s my dad for you; A big guy that could scare off an entire army if he wanted to. But instead, he has one of the biggest hearts the world has ever seen. Having completed his mission to wake me up, he turned around to walk out the door towards the stairs just outside of my room.
"Come to the kitchen for breakfast whenever you’re ready." Hearing a few steptakings on the creaking wood, the sound suddenly halted. “Oh, right! Rilol is waiting for ya downstairs too.” I jumped slightly and my ears peaked high. The surprise really got a hold of me.
"Already?! By Enturofs beard, he’s early!" Once again, I could hear the heavy laughter as it bumped down the stairs.

Now alone in the room, I closed the door. Dad had pointed out a disturbing thought. Gambling was more of a daily habit now, even more than before. Everyone wanted to challenge me. The first one as impatient as the next. Not that I mind really. Every since I was just a little kid, it’s been like that. Only that it was becoming a bit troublesome when it turned late like this time. The thought alone makes me want to yawn. As did I end up doing the second after that. Truth to be told, I have never lost a single game or bet. So what’s so cool about that? I don’t cheat. I’m just super lucky! And the villagers seem to adore me for that for some reason. Like I was blessed by the Gods themselves. Except Ecaflips doesn’t have a god.

"How am I supposed to keep up with Rilol today?" I mumbled aloud while grabbing a hold of my hairbrush, stroking it against what was on my head. Rilol was always all around the place and talkative even though he seemed laid back. Many calls him lazy but I don’t think that’s the case. He just does what he wants to do and can’t be bothered with everything else. I sighed just as soon as I’d finished fixing my hair. It was now as brown and thick as I wished it’d be every morning, just reaching down a few inches below my shoulders. It had a darker shade than my fur with curled bangs hanging down from behind my ears. Checking quickly in a mirror, I then finished changing and was about to head out the door when I remembered something.

"Flying Gobbles, I nearly forgot!" Taking a few steps to the side, I ended up next to my nightstand. My hand reached out and grabbed them: A pair of dice. That’s the one thing I always keep with me except for the clothes on my body. You could call it my treasure. I could never go anywhere without these babies. My lips touched them in a gentle kiss before I put them into my pocket and jumped down the stairs.

The Lucky Ecaflip - Prologue

"There’s always a chance on a dice, no matter how high the risk!"  That’s what my grandmother used to say. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I never knew her personally, but my father used to tell me stories about ‘The Gambling Adventurer’. A black furred, female purebreed Ecaflip with white and ruffled hair. Real short apperantly, not even long enough to reach down her shoulders. Ever heard of the Epik Peak? Apperantly, she found it during a bet with an Osamodas. Together, they defeated the Black Crow. Made herself quite a name there. Not only in our village Palmaliv but throughout all of Amakna. I guess I’ve done the same in a way. Well, not as far as she did, of course. She was an adventurer after all, I just inherited her gambling skills. Some say it’s because I was given her name. A ‘blessing’ if you wish. But I disgress. Ecaflips doesn’t have a God, so there’s no one that could’ve blessed me. I’m me, whichever name I have. And I only believe in the roll of a dice. Or the simple saying: Dumb luck.

Crimson - Chapter 1

Fanfiction title: Crimson
A small shadow

Series: X-men
Genre: Action, humor, sci-fi. 

It was at the outskirt of town, late afternoon. The sun was slowly going low and the air was becoming colder. You wouldn’t call it dark but rather a bit dusky. Along the pavement skipped a slim, black creature; a cat with illuminating, yellow eyes. Its fur glistened as it was shined upon by a street light. The shadow, being almost as dark as the feline itself, ran behind it closely.

Following the road, there was a locked security gate merging with a quite high wall. It surrounded what seemed like a park with a mansion at its center. Apparently, it was a school for so called gifted youngsters; ‘The Xavier Institute For Higher Learning’. The paws barely made any sound as the cat smoothly jumped onto a street light pole and bounced up on the wall. It quickly continued into the foliage of trees, jumping from branch to branch as it pushed onwards with the graveled path in sight.

After a moment, the feline stopped its movement. Down below by the trunk of a tree it was placed at, was a human boy seated on the ground. Shoulder length dark-blue hair and dressed in green pants, red shirt and brown jacket. He seemed busy in his own thoughts as he was talking aloud to himself. The cat sat down onto a thick branch, wiggling its tail curiously as if listening.

“Dat Cyclops iz zuch a party pooper! Alwayz ruining de mood!” The boy grumped to himself in a german accent, placing his chin at the palm of his hand. “I mean, ze party didn’t even do any real damage to the school! …well, not dat much…” A bang had landed in front of his eyes and he blew it away with a light puff of air. Standing to his feet, the boy scratched his head. “Maybe I should head back zoon…” With that said, he sighed and leaned his back against the trunk with a thud; A thud which made the tree shake. The cat that had been seated above him lost grasp for a slight second and fell from its place, landing on his head. “Wuaagh!” The boy exclaimed surprised.

Quickly grabbing hold of what was on top of him, he brought the furry creature to his eyelevel. “…oh.” Holding it up in front of him, they both stared at each other for a moment. The feline then broke the silence as it let out a ‘meow’. The boy’s eyes widened and his teeth showed in a big smile. “Hello to you too, fräulein!” He squatted and placed the cat onto the ground, patting its head. “My name iz Kurt Wagner. Who might you be?” The boy leaned his head slightly to the side, as if waiting for an answer. Obviously, there came none. "Vhere did you come from anyvay..?" He scratched a finger underneath the kittens chin. It purred softly and nudged back along his arm. Kurt laughed and picked it up again, holding it close to his face. “Hey, dat ticklez!" He smiled. Suddenly, it dissapeared as he froze up.

The cat had plunged its claws into his wrists. Kurt’s gaze was empty, staring straight ahead into nothingness. A few seconds later, he opened his mouth and started rambling. "Xavier Inztitute: Zecret hideout and ztronghold. Mutant rezearch and practize. Unterground training facility und airkraft." The feline twisted her claws an inch clockwards. The boy flinched. He answered later this time. "Zix youth and.. zeven grown-ups.. Five non vacant." Once again, it turned its claws. This time, a few more inches. You could see clearly how Kurt’s eyelids became heavier as he fell backwards onto the ground.

The cat studied him closely. Indeed, he’d passed out. Unhooking herself from the boy, she continued to stare at him. He looked so peaceful. After a short moment, the feline looked around. You could barely perceive the graveled path not too far away. And with that in mind, its body started to change. Growing larger, it stood up on two legs and it’s fur started to lessen. Its tail and ears disappeared and it started to take the form of a human. She’d rather take it slow than enduring unneseccary pain through a quick transformation. But even the slow transition didn’t take much time.

After about two minutes, the transformation was done. There now stood a quite tall female with long and wavy hair, crimson colored. Wearing a black and green tanktop, cameo pants, leather belt and boots. Her right hand was covered with a black glove and a collar adorned her neck. The only thing that hadn’t changed about her was her illuminating, yellow eyes. They were still glowing in the dark.

Looking down at the boy again, the girl placed herself on a knee by his side. Efficiently, she stung a long nail into his neck. Kurt didn’t react. “I’m sorry, pal. But I wouldn’t want you to remember something like that. For your own good, really.” Inside her head, she directed the nerves to overheat in a certain part of the brain, ‘causing a memory loss of the recent event. When done, she stood up and stretched her arms high. The boy at her feet was about her own age. Admittingly, she felt kind of bad. But now was not the time or place to get all emotional. Slowly, she turned towards the direction of the Xavier Institute building and sighed to herself. "Here we go." Bending her knees, the feline woman took off.

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